One Hundred Membership

Private Memsociety of influencebership

The One Hundred Membership is by far the most outrageous and vibrant private membership for influential people, it’s where our members can relax and enjoy secure surroundings without the intrusion of fanatics and media.
This membership offers the chance to be one of only 100 exclusive members where the membership will cater for your every need. If our members do not know someone, then they do not exist. If the membership can’t find something, then it doesn’t exist. A society of influence, where every member is different, but shares the same morals of integrity, politeness and dignity.

Luxury Lifestyle Management

Whatever whenever is our approach and the promise of the UCP Luxury Management Lifestyle Services. UCP Group’s lifestyle management service is tried, tested and proven to be one of the best globally.. Low numbers of clients mean the perfect and most intimate and professional service offered. Since 2007 this service has a long list of famous clientele. The directors of UCP Group Lifestyle Management who also formed the famous Whispering Society and Mayfair’s famous One Hundred Membership and not least the SIP (Society of influential people) have many years of experience and expertise in this very important service. When it comes to looking after people and delivering beyond expectations, Up Close & Personal Group will be by your side.

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