Our People

CEO – Criss Watts

Criss has been active in the executive bodyguard sector for over 3 decades, providing protection at the highest level for many of the famous names from Screen, Sport, Politics, Royalty and High Profile Business Executives and Corporations.
Criss uses his strong attributes of business skills; project management linked with matching clients goals to reach the highest possible standards.
Criss started out in the protection industry back in 1984, way before the SIA licensing or any real form of official security control. In 2001 Criss was at the forefront of the SIA licensing and helped devise the training that would knowingly become the basis of all protection operators today.
In 1991 Criss developed “Unit 109” Private Security Contracting Team for High-Risk Operations, which had been involved with many Governments for training and supporting Militaries around the world. After 12 years service in this Unit, which served on land and sea in many of the worlds most war torn locations Unit 109 was disbanded.
In 2003 Criss then went on to develop Up Close ad Personal Group of Companies (UCP Group). UCP has now become one of the most successful private security companies in the world, with several strategically placed offices globally to serve constant training for government militaries around the world.
In 2010 Criss developed the only recognised live firearms certification for Hostile Environment Close Protection Officers endorsed by HABC with the testament of two of the most recognised British Colonels. This firearms program was used within the doctrine to re-write some basic military training for governments worldwide within the WASPA doctrine.
Since 2007 Criss has instructed over 200 Close Protection courses and helping 2000 individuals worldwide achieve level 3 statuses and SIA licensing.
His passion for adrenaline experiences are recognised throughout the world with crazy stunts, GT racing events, Mountain Climbing, Surfing and Trekking.

cropped-ucp11.pngJemma StevensonHead of UCP Group Administration
Jemma Stevenson



natHead of One Hundred Membership
Natalie Henry



logo12631068_10153874431102421_449927710_oHead of Group Marketing
Greg Thompson



logo1240539_612384875466421_775423115_nHead of Group IT and Programming
Curtis Watts



UCP-Spain-WhiteOrlandoDirector of UCP Spain
Orlando Perez Lopez



UCP-ITALY-WhiteindexDirector of UCP Italy
Ruggero Carta



UCP-France2-WhiteindexDirector of UCP France
Vincent Blichasrki



indexDirector of UCP USA



middle eastIMG-20160520-WA0008Director of UCP Dubai
Omar Freyhat



nigerialogoindexDirector of UCP Nigeria
Samuel Ayadi



africaindexDirector of UCP Ghana
Sam Gartey



cropped-ucp11.pngindexDirector of UCP Thailand
Yohann Mailard



Gerri HanicartDirector of UCP Austria/Germany and Belgium
Gerrit Hannicart