Security Training


UCP UK majors in the provision of ethical doctrine-led training to protect civilians and communities providing security in hostile and non-hostile environments. The training has been designed to enable UCP UK’s clients to operate to the highest standard consistent with international law and using proportionate and effective force with appropriate rules of engagement.
Participants will be assessed against the UCP UK and HABC endorsed method of training (the only international firearms accreditation award in Europe and UK)
The UCP UK level 3 firearms training programme measures operational capability in specific skills and tactics including the overall effectiveness of the individual or unit. Metrics are used to assess individual competence and the HABC endorsement means that you can prove competence and progress through assessment.
UCP UK uses their acclaimed and mentoring programmes to deliver the ultimate brand of bodyguard, close protection team, military unit, government security.

To complement our operational services UCP Group deliver some of the most recognised training programs in the world. UCP Group wrote the only internationally endorsed firearms training programs 9mm/5.56mm/7.62mm for Hostile Environment Close protection Officers (HECPO)
Other training programs range from Close Protection both hostile and executive, surveillance and investigations, education programs for leadership and teaching, specialist firearms and close quarter battle, hand to hand unarmed combat, aviation and maritime and medic courses..

There is no other choice when you want the best
UCP Group offers a comprehensive range of courses and programmes tailored to suit individuals, private Units, government military and national requirements
The programmes build capability progressively to meet the needs of the client that have been agreed or identified through a training needs analysis.

Close Protection

Close Protection within the security sector is sometimes known as bodyguard, close protection officer or CPO, hostile environment close protection operator, HECPO, PSD and PSC. Whichever name it goes by there is only one meaning: Protector of person, asset or reputation. Normally a CPO is an agent that protects important figures from assault, kidnap, and assassination, harassment and other such threats.Download Brochure for more info

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UCP Deliver Firearms Training for the Close Protection industry. Due to our ability to deliver hard hitting, effective training for former Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Professionals as well as Close Protection Officers, UCP set the standards in firearms training by writing the only programme that is endorsed by a leading International body for compliance and high ranking former Colonels of the British Army. Our courses are also approved by CTP and ELCAS and funding is available.

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Main target of this training program is to provide its participants with all the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to perform duties of the ship security officer or the operator of the marine safety in accordance with international procedures. In addition, its participants will have the opportunity to take part in the “live vessel operations” module that will allow them to understand better the specificity of the maritime sector and the role of the marine safety operator.

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UCP teach the skills associated with rapid assessment, stabilisation and transfer of both the trauma victim and those suffering a medical emergency. Our courses are aimed at those working in high risk and hostile environments – it is ideal for remote medics, Close Protection Operators and Ships’ Anti-Piracy Teams. FPOS and FREC are fully recognised by the Security Industry Authority. 

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UCP Provide some of the best most realistic surveillance training in the security sector, ranging from Urban, Rural and Technical and covering reconnaissance in high risk areas and armed surveillance for overseas tasking. Surveillance is one of the most single important aspects of security and although covered in the Close Protection Level 3 its importance lays the need for dedicated training.

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Specialist courses

Although most UK training is governed by official regulations such as awarding bodies and security authorities many overseas contracting training does not have such restrictions and therefore the training will be provided to the exact tailored design and delivery. Specialist Training is held for Groups, Units, Governments and even Individuals.

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